We won DKK 50,000. So now to make our OMC even better!

It was a very pleasant surprise in January, when Rico Djernis, CEO at Enstall, and Morten Løkken, the AV Director visited GigaContent with a large cheque – quite literally!


We were all surprised at GigaContent when they handed over a cheque for DKK 50,000. But why precisely is this relevant to you if your are a GigaContent customer? Because those DKK 50,000 will be spent on even more improvements to our OMC.


“We are constantly seeking to ensure that the operational and network surveillance our customers get is up to date and of the highest quality. And since the optimisation process goes on all the time, naturally, the prize will not stand alone. It will be included in the regular maintenance and developments to ensure that we can deliver the best services from GigaContent to our customers all the time. We are extremely pleased about the cheque, which means that we can carry on providing the best possible experience for our customers whenever they use our services,” says Claus Bang, Business Unit Manager at GigaContent.


You can reference our escalation procedure here to get an overview of the managing structure of our OMC.