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Bella Center satser på ny forretning med GigaContent

Bella Center expands its business with GigaContent

Denmarks biggest conference and exhibition facility - the Bella Center - has chosen a total solution from GigaContent, and the reason for their choice is clear: A solution from GigaContent opens up for new business opportunities.

-  With our new solution from GigaContent we will be able to offer facilities for sending live, high quality video content to anyone who is interested, be it a company, an organisation, or a broadcaster. We can now independently provide content for anyone hooked up to the GigaContent network. And this will open up for new business opportunities for us, says Kristian Ortving, Technical Director at Bella Center.

Bella Center is by a wide margin Denmark's preferred venue for exhibitions and conferences. Last year Bella Center hosted the UN Conference on Climate Change COP15 and the International Olympic Committee's world congress. The Bella Center's popularity as a facility of choice for a broad range of international and national events is growing.

Live TV coverage as plug-and-play

When producing and broadcasting live video content from venues including the Bella Center it has previously been necessary for media and broadcasters to use SNG vehicles, i.e. vehicles equipped with systems for satellite transmission of live video and sound.

Most live TV transmissions are produced by major broadcasters, who normally need to drive out and install a big mobile production facility in order to cover an event. GigaContent's solution now makes it possible to send directly from Bella Center by much simpler and less costly means.

- GigaContent's solution is plug-and-play. This means that it for example is possible for us to deliver a service to the big media. Such companies can now broadcast a live TV-show from the Bella Center by using a socket in the wall in one of our exhibition halls. This is a much more attractive and much simpler solution compared to the only alternative - which is deploying SNG vehicles, says Kristian Ortving.

Direct content both ways

But also companies using the Bella Center for conferences, exhibitions, or other kinds of events are expected to show interest in the new possibilities provided by GigaContent's solution. Kristian Ortving is highly optimistic about the prospects.

- We believe that we can service our customer better through offering an opportunity for broadcasting live from events, especially because we live in an age, where more and more poeple and companies want to become an active part of the media landscape. We expect that organisers of exhibitions and conferences will jump at the opportunity to create independent, live coverage from the Bella Center. Or perhaps a large corporation may want to broadcast live from a conference, says Kristian Ortving.

Kristian Ortving also points out that the Bella Center will be able to receive live transmissions over the GigaContent network. This means that the Bella Center will be able to offer popular viewing experiences where a big screen is used to show live broadcasts from attractive domestic or international events, such as football matches or concerts.

A complete solutions for all halls - and Forum

The solution delivered by GigaContent utilises existing cabling and fibre networking in the Bella Center. It is now possible to send live content from all of the most important exhibition halls in the Bella Center, because the connection to GigaContent's centrallly installed sending- and receiving equipment has been extended to reach the individual halls through the Bella Center's existing fiberoptic network.

Connections provided by GigaContent to the Forum in Copenhagen (a major venue for events in central Copenhagen also operated by the Bella Center) comprise a part of the total solutions. Forum is linked to the central transmission hub at the Bella Center through an external fibre connection. In this way it will also be possible to send and receive live video content from attractive events at Forum via the GigaContent media network.

And even though Bella Center has only just begun to think creatively about how their new solution from GigaContent may be employed to create more business, Kristian Ortving is optimistic. He is pleased about the results so far.

- GigaContent has shown that they are competent, and they've made a positive impression, says Kristian Ortving.

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