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JP/Politikens Hus

JP/Politikens Hus

Politiken has just established a professional TV studio to produce news broadcasts, serial documentary formats and magazine programmes. The newspaper is about to have a new TV profile and strategy for their web TV platform. This editorial board will be composed of skilled staff, and the technical setup has come into place in collaboration with the group's own IT department and several contractors – including GigaContent.

Glass TV studio
Rasmus Thygesen is IT Manager at Poltiken's editorial board and had technical co-responsibility for designing the TV studio at the media house. He says: "It has been a long process which started with the actual building project – a glass-framed TV studio placed in the middle of the old packing facility where the editorial board sits today. We had a supplier delivering and installing the studio technology, and in the tender phase, we became aware of how important it is to choose a good connection to send the signal through."

Better connection
"We chose to use GigaAccess from GigaContent because this would provide us with direct connections to e.g. TV2, and, at the same time, it gave us the possibility of establishing quick connections from selected points, nationally as well as internationally. Previously, we used what is called a Quicklink solution to be able to broadcast live to e.g. TV2, but with GigaContent's direct lines via the fibre network we can achieve a better and faster connection and improved signal quality," Rasmus Thygesen concludes.