Valg 2015

Are you ready for the election?

Since this is an election year, we have everything in place, just as we have had for earlier elections.


Election year at last

We have waited a long time for the election year. And it has been a long wait. A really long wait. The reason we have been waiting is politically neutral and fully independent of political parties and colours. What we have been looking forward to in the election year is the professionally interesting assignments with each polling station and all the election celebrations needing to be covered by the Danish media.


Top quality live broadcasting with GigaAccess and GigaEasyLink

At GigaContent we have long had our options for coverage ready: either GigaAccess or GigaEasyLink, so that those who are sent out to broadcast live from polling stations and election celebrations can send out top quality live news through GigaContent's own fibre network and Codec equipment.


Can you get the signal through at the polling station?

Are you quite ready to cover the election day from early morning to late at night? Have you made sure that you can get a signal at all the different polling stations you want to broadcast from? If you have not yet planned that part of the election, then you are welcome to contact us and hear about how we can help get those good election stories out to your viewers.

Contact Business Unit Manager Klaus Bang for more information at