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What is GigaBroadcast?

If you are a broadcaster or distributor of content GigaBroadcast is for you. It gives you unlimited access to a world of events. GigaContent's network covers all the main points-of-events for sports, culture, politics, and business. With GigaBroadcast, you will get instant access to an enormous selection of the best in content throughout country. Read about GigaBroadcast

GigaWebTV: Your own TV-channel on the Internet

gc_solutions_gigawebtvThe Internet is the world's biggest media - and with GigaWebTV you can now stream quality TV from important events directly to your own or other TV channels on the Internet. With GigaWebTV you can reach an unlimited number of viewers all over the world including your own employees. All that is required is access to a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet computer.

GigaWebTV is perfect for companies or organizations wanting to use the Internet to deliver their messages. With GigaWebTV you can for example stream live TV from meetings with the press, general assemblies, conferences, etc. to a standardized web-TV player, which can be incorporated into your website. You can also use GigaWebTV to create your own internal TV-channel on the web for communications to employees and partners.

The TV stream is live but is also recorded and archived for on-demand services. GigaWebTV supports most content formats, including Quicktime, Flash, and Silverlight. GigaWebTV can also stream live or recorded TV to smartphones (Apple & Android) and to the iPad.

GigaWebTV is a complete solution and includes functions for user-friendly management of your streaming service plus a flexible archive for content. We install GigaWebTV for you so that the solution works perfectly on your existing website with your corporate identity. And as always you can book your GigaWebTV connection via our online booking system, GigaBooking.

Click here to download the product specifications for GigaWebTV.

Why choose GigaWebTV?

  • Live TV coverage of your most important events directly on the web
  • Reach a big audience: Everyone with access to a computer
  • High quality and reliability on all connections - as always
  • A complete solution including web-TV player, user-friendly management, archiving functions, and implementation on your website

Expand your GigaWebTV solution with:

  • Connections to TV-channels, broadcasters, and much more with GigaAccess
  • Connections to foreign destinations with GigaXchange