Nordea Bank

When you've got it, flaunt it - also when you're a bank. Nordea Bank - on of the biggest in the Nordic region - has chosen GigaContent for delivering expert knowledge to the big TV stations. This is of huge importance for the bank's image, says Nordea. Read more here

What is GigaContent?

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GigaXchange: International exchange of broadcast TV

GigaXchangeNyGigaXchange is a highly innovative service for the global exchange of TV: As a broadcaster, a private corporation or a media production company, GigaXchange lets you send or receive live TV to or from broadcasters or service providers abroad in full broadcast quality.

GigaXchange gives Danish broadcasters and TV service providers direct access to a virtually unlimited foreing market for content. GigaXchange offers foreign broadcaster and TV service providers access to TV from events in Denmark. Foreign broadcasters can also use GigaXchange as a hub for the exchange of TV with other foreign broadcasters.

With GigaXchange, Danish companies can gain exposure on foreign TV channels. You can for example send live TV in full broadcast quality to SKY News, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, or others - the choice is yours. GigaXchange positions you closer to the world of international TV media. Our Danish clients have already discovered the value of exposure on international TV: Read the case here.

Why choose GigaXchange?

  • Broadcast TV internationally from GigaContent's connection points
  • Receive live TV from foreing sources - e.g. sports, news, and events
  • Exchange of live broadcast TV between foreign broadcasters
  • Expose your company's messages on the big international TV channels
  • High quality and reliability when you need it most
  • Connections are booked via GigaBooking