Søren astrup

Formuepleje invests in connections

Formuepleje knows how to make investments that generate positive returns. They have done so since 1988, and the company specialises in investment advisory services and strategic asset management. Last year, Formuepleje upgraded its professional TV studio with a direct connection – Giga Access – a calculated investment to generate tangible benefits.

"The idea is that with our GigaContent connection, we will get closer to the major TV stations," says Søren Astrup, CEO of Formuepleje Management A/S and continues: "We upgraded our technical platform to a plug'n'play solution, which allows us to establish instant connection to News, TV-Avisen or other news media that want to use our expert statements. Obviously, the purpose is increased profiling in the TV medium which is part of our editorial marketing strategy."

Exposure requires focus
Søren Astrup says that next year, Formuepleje will increase focus on Public Relations and particularly on positioning Formuepleje as expert advisers making statements about the investment market nationally and internationally. "We will make a strategic effort to get through to the major and minor TV media. Now we have a good TV studio and a direct connection from GigaContent, so we are well on our way!"