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What is GigaContent?

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GigaBroadcast: Access to a world of TV content

GigaBroadcastNyGigaBroadcast gives you virtually limitless access to Denmark's most attractive TV content in full broadcast quality. GigaContent delivers millions of minutes of live broadcast TV every year - so with GigaBroadcast you can be sure of a perfect result every time you broadcast.

As a broadcaster or TV provider GigaBroadcast gives you full access to a world of events in the form of a professional broadcast solution connecting you to the most important points-of-events for sports, culture, politics, and business in Denmark and abroad. With GigaBroadcast you get instant access to a broad selection of the most attractive TV content, and you can book your connection online in an instant with GigaBooking. You can find all of our points-of-events here.

With Denmark's most important events at your fingertips you get new opportunities to develop your programming: Create richer news programming with direct broadcasts from companies, shareholder meetings, general assemblies, sports arenas, stadiums, and much more. Or send live entertainment from many of the most attractive venues. You can also receive TV in full broadcast quality from foreign events with GigaXchange - the opportunities are virtually endless.

Why choose GigaBroadcast?

  • Send and receive TV content quickly and live from the most attractive events in Denmark and abroad
  • Shorten your production time and reduce production costs
  • Return signal and 2x2-way intercom and Internet access from points-of-events
  • Book your connection flexibly and online with GigaBooking
  • High reliability and security in full broadcast quality (HD and/or SD)

What the package includes:

  • A subscription-based service giving you access to GigaContent
  • Connection to GigaContent's 10 Gbit backbone with a guarantee for an uptime of at least 99.7% and monitoring 24/7
  • One or more encoders, decoders, and intercom in a complete installation depending on your needs

Expand your GigaBroadcast solution with: