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Børsen Play

Børsen Play

“Børsen has set up a new studio, where production is fully automated and can be operated by one person. Connections can be put through using GigaContent connections, LiveU and Skype, and it is also possible to have guests in the studio in a three-camera production,” explains Kim Kruse, chief producer at the newspaper Børsen.

Børsen Play

Welcome to Børsen Play

GigaContent was supplier for the new investment, Børsen Play, which has just been launched by the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Børsen. In connection with the launch, GigaContent talked to Kim Kruse, who is chief producer for Børsen Play. He was the first person with experience from television production to be called in to realise the wish to provide an on demand video service for investor news. Kim Kruse comes from a background in ordinary flow television. He has been involved in production and sales in that business for almost 25 years. A producer on a day-to-day basis, he is in charge of expression, technology, producers and image coordinators. And he also makes his own productions for Børsen Play.


From agreement to complete content in minutes

The greatest challenge in setting up Børsen Play was understanding and then implementing the type of production suitable for the way viewers make use of news. “We considered carefully what the format should be, and it was a requirement that it must be compatible with high productivity and limited manpower, with high flexibility in production and as an end-product for users as well. We worked out that both establishment costs and operating costs would be lowest if we set up a solution with a central studio from where we can connect up to all sources, both professional and private. We succeeded, and we can now make problem-free through connections to external sources. We can have a video clip with an external guest produced and out in our app in just a few minutes after making the agreement with the guest,” explains Kim Kruse.


From the bright idea of Børsen Play to the first complete video clip

“We have come a long way from the first ideas about Børsen Play to actual video clips. We have had help from consultants, and run a number of seminars to understand how to put out this kind of content, and not least who the target group would be for content of this kind. The technical process was only possible because we chose to enter into a strategic partnership with someone who already had experience of providing equivalent or even larger technical solutions,” said Kim Kruse. “GigaContent was the obvious choice, since most of our sources already have GigaContent, and we get a high quality signal here, to all intents and purposes without delay”.


Getting the news in a completely new way

So far Kim Kruse can report that all the feedback he has received has been positive. “We believe we have started a service that did not previously exist, and we provide news in a completely new way. It has the quality of traditional television, but with customising options that are only found on the Internet,” he concludes.


What GigaContent has delivered to Børsen Play

1 Gbit/s Transmission line through the GigaContent fibre network

Decoder (return line)

Intercom (two channels, two-way)

Access to the GigaContent GigaBooking tool (on-line)


You can try Børsen Play here.