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Saxobank: Exposure in the media means everything

Until recently it was only big TV broadcasting companies that had the knowledge and technical means to produce quality video content. Today, those days are definitely over. One of the world's leading online investment banks  - Saxobank of Denmark - has invested in a professional TV studio and a super fast networking solution from GigaContent. The result is an effective global communications centre, which has been instrumental in securing Saxobank's exposure in Danish and international media.

Saxobank on CNN

The scene is set: Saxobank's chief economist David Karsbøl stands in front of the cameras ready to comment on the latest developments in the financial markets. From CNN's studios in London we now switch over to Saxobank's own studio in Tuborg Harbour north of Copenhagen. Saxobank's premier financial expert is on air on the world's biggest news channel.

CNN's charismatic anchor Richard Quest poses the sharp questions. In a few seconds David Karlsbøl's expert knowledge and not least the company Saxobank is exposed to more than 200 million viewers across the globe via CNN's popular business program Quest Means Business.

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Technology opens up for new opportunities

This scene is not a PR managers pipe dream but reality, and it took place just a few months ago. Exposure in the big national and international media is invaluable PR and branding, and such exposure is of enormous importance for the successful Danish investment bank.

But the management of Saxobank has also been visionary it its approach: Saxobank has made itself noticed on the international business scene by selecting a technology, which is able to make experts available for the biggest global TV media on short notice.

And the bank has already benefited from the new opportunities that the GigaContent solution has given them. The result is a broad exposure of the SaxoBank brand in both national and international media.

- We are a bank that has invested in technology. It gives us access to virtually every local and global medium of importance. Our global communications center including GigaContents solution today has inestimable value for our business communications, both internallu and externally, says Jesper Petersen, who is the founder of Saxo Bank's own studio, and is in charge of the studio's daily management.

- Our collaboration with the big TV channels is a classic win-win situation. They get quality content, and we get the exposure that is so incredibly important for a company like ours, says Jesper Petersen.

Live and post-produced content

At the studio Jesper Petersen produces content in two main formats: Firstly, Saxo Bank delivers live footage in the form of expert opinion and interviews to domestic TV channels, including TV2 and DR, as well as the major international business and financial channels, such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN. Secondly, he produces video content for the Internet, and here the bulk of the material is for internal use.

The live broadcasts would not have been possible without GigaContent's solution: A super-fast network connection with a 1G bit per second bandwidth to and from SaxoBank's studio in Tuborg Havn. The solution connects SaxoBank to GigaContent's nationwide network, including direct, high quality connections to for example TV2 and Danmarks Radio (DR).

Content in HD or SD quality from SaxoBank's studio uses TV2 or DR as service providers to transmit signals to the foreign media, such as for example CNN in London  or Bloomberg in New York.

Service and support is important

Jesper Petersen is very satisfied with GigaContent's services and their support.

- GigaContent has delivered good services and support. In this industry the support is particularly important because there is no time to spare when you are producing live TV. And GigaContent understands this very well, says Jesper Petersen.

Also Saxo Bank's future cooperation with the media looks bright with GigaContent as a partner, says Jesper Petersen. He is hopeful that GigaContent will expand its presence and network to include direct feeds to foreign content networks, for example within Scandinavia.

- An own SaxoBank public TV channel could in the cards for some time in the future, now that the new technology does a lot of the work for us, says Jesper Petersen.